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I feel like University is so perfect for TS4 oh my god. Like, a new england, small cute little college town split into sections will be so fun and crowded parties and bonfires and sorority and fraternity life and like pledging and classes and secret societies and just oh my god if they added like…


Someone Remade All of ‘Clue’ In The Sims 4

Redditor raiderofawesome and Youtuber PushingUpRoses have put together something pretty impressive in The Sims - a mansion that (pretty much) perfectly re-creates Clue (the game, not the movie…although, well, sorta the movie too).

For more pictures and video, click here!

# a c t i n g





It’s a cute little thing though.

Sometimes it is hard to remember that owls are incredibly dangerous predators seen by cultures throughout  the world as ill omens. Especially when they look like toasted marshmallows.

My boss once described them as flying pillows filled with seething hatred.

Further confirming that owls are the avian equivalent of cats.



people who are unapologetically kind and soft and good at their very core are like………so important to me. the era of broody white man antiheroes is over, give me someone who braids flowers into their hair and cooks breakfast for their mom every morning


im not ashamed to admit that id let 26 year old Joe Biden hit it


zayn is one delicious caramel machiatto of a man with some fucking shaved chocolate and caramel drizzle on top and i am one thirsty girl u feel me


i see you driving ‘round town with the one i love and i’m like


forget you


need a lift FUCKBOY ???